Wild Ginger & Spice

The Wild Ginger and Spice Story

How did WGS come to be?

I opened Wild Ginger and Spice in 2010 because I saw an opportunity for a unique shop in the little town of Davis. I was teaching science full time in the Washington, DC area and opened WGS as a hobby – a way to offer bulk herbs, teas and spices to the local community.

Our little shop quickly grew. Following requests and suggestions from our customers we expanded our product line to include a huge variety of items. Recently, I quit my teaching job to devote myself to WGS; the time was right to follow my interests in natural healing, medicinal herbs and alternative medicine. On a visit to Turkey, on a whim, I brought home a hookah and found that smoking accessories were also fun to sell. We obtained a license for smoking products and now have quite a broad offering of pipes in addition to our fun clothes, jewelry and toys!

— Annie Mac
Founder, Wild Ginger and Spice

About Wild Ginger and Spice

What makes WGS special?

The amazing customers and people who work here are what keep me going. It’s so great to meet new people and reconnect with those who stop in WGS when they return to the mountains. Our local community is wonderful and very supportive; we couldn’t do it without them.

What local products do you sell?

We sell as many locally sourced items as we can. You’ll find honey, jams and jelly, butters, maple syrup–even artwork, and we’re always adding new items.

Do you sell online?

Our custom Annie Mac Naturals product line is sold online; as a special service, please contact us directly to order products that we carry in-store only. We are happy to work with you in purchasing these items and sending them directly to you. Please note that any CBD or smoking related products are only sold in-store with a valid ID. These items cannot be shipped.

Do you offer CBD products?

We sell CBD products to customers over eighteen. We have a huge selection of options to choose from. CBD is a naturally occurring cannabinoid containing no THC, thus elicits no “high”, and it is legal in all 50 states. Our CBD products include: • Tinctures • Salves • Sprays • Roll-ons • Vapes • Massage Candles • Pet Tinctures

Wild Ginger & Spice Store

Do you have events at your store?

WGS has offered medicinal herb workshops in the past and plans to do so again. I have some people who are interested in offering tarot card readings and that's something we may bring on-board soon. Other events have included tastings and children’s art workshops. Follow us on Facebook to stay in the loop about upcoming events.

What We Offer

Annie Mac Naturals

Reasonably priced and all-natural body products made right here in the store! Please visit the Annie Mac website to learn more, or shop online.

Bulk Herb, Teas, and Spices

Buy a little or buy a lot. The price is right and freshness is preserved when you buy bulk. We have fun facts on many of our products to learn more about them.


A naturally occurring cannabinoid containing no THC, thus no “high”. Legal in all 50 states.

Essential Oils

We carry a large variety of oils, and our friendly staff is here to help you choose.

Fun Clothes

Cute clothes for sizes XS to 4XL! Some are one of a kind and all are unique.

Gift Items

Great gifts for all ages at great prices. We offer a gift wrap service too!


Many styles to choose from, all reasonably priced.

Make and Take Station

Visit our Annie Mac Naturals lab and make a body product to take home with you. All ingredients and containers are provided. Super fun!

Musical Instruments

Unique items from all over the world, from Egg Shakers to Singing Bowls. And if you’re lucky, one of our staff will demonstrate them for you.

Natural Body Products

Of course we carry Annie Mac Naturals brand but we have other brands, too–our top seller is hemp lotion made by Earthly Body.

Smoking Accessories

Beautiful glass pieces, wooden pipes, vintage hookahs, papers, scales for all your smoking needs.


For all ages, including finger puppets, hacky sacks, silly putty and other “throwback” toys.